Why shoud I have a website? Is the website necessary?

         In a world where social media flourishes or selling things on the Ecommerce Platform is easy. People/companies start to focus less on having their own website. Many people, many companies think that they can be on any platform. Just have a lot of reach. Selling a lot of things is enough.

         Once moment, I think so too, but on the other… I don’t dare to take risks. Risk borrowing someone else’s nose to breathe. Risk of uncontrollable things. Take risks of depositing your life and leaving your business with others. Let’s just say that in this article, I will try not to write about the disadvantages of not having a website. On the other hand, I will write about the advantages of having a website. Ensure that when you finish reading this article You will definitely turn to think about the coolness of having your own website.

Having a website will make you catch the eyes of Big Brother like Google. Traffic from Google compared to other traffic channels is classified as a good traffic.

Why is it called Fine Traffic?

Let’s figure out what people use Google for?

Yes, people use Google to find what they want. People search on Google and find your website. Then click in It indicates that

  1. He really has needs.
  2. Your website is attractive enough to meet his needs.

If you sell or do business through social media, advertise Google, sell through other platforms or sell on the offline world. Try turning to make a website to meet the search engine like Google. Because the customer came to meet you through “search” is one of the most powerful channels.

Have you ever rented a condo, slept in a hotel or lived in a friend’s house?

I think everyone should answer that yes, which those places may give fun and happiness for a while. But if you look at it in the long run, there is no place that makes you happy with your warm home.

Having a website is like having a home, where you can decorate, move things, or paint whatever you want.

Whatever you want to put in your ‘homepage’, you can categorize your ‘blog’ into as many as you want, or you can choose to collect money on your ‘store’ in any way.

The important thing is that you can design a beautiful website as you wish. To create a good experience for website visitors Abroad, there is research that The website looks beautiful, modern, easy to use, can increase conversion up to 400%.

Making a website requires more energy than selling on other platforms. Or creating an account on social media If compared to the offline world, it’s like you create your own shop. With you go to sell at Super Market or at the mall

Building your own store is much more complicated. But if you have a storefront It is an indication of your readiness to service. And professionalism Try to notice that most famous brands have websites together.

Between having a website and not having a website, I think the credibility on the online world is different levels.

Having a website will allow you to connect to tens of thousands of other platforms. If you can create a professional connection In some steps, you can automate your system.

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