Guardian of the woods

    Firstly, I extend my gratitude to all the teachers who supported the success of this significant project. It stands as a monumental endeavor for my team, diverging from conventional classroom teachings. We embarked on a pioneering journey, crafting a VR headset game.

     Initially, doubts clouded my mind as I questioned our capabilities. ‘Is this beyond our reach?’ However, our relentless efforts and unwavering dedication proved otherwise. The result echoed, ‘Yes, we can do it!’ The sense of accomplishment upon completion surpassed the skepticism we faced at the project’s inception.

     I am immensely thankful to my team members—Samak Jt Aya, handling 3D Modeling & Video Editing; Thananya Uengsitthipoonpon, skilled in Rigging & 2D Artistry; and myself overseeing the entire code. Each member contributed with dedication.

     In this project, my role encompassed managing all project requirements across every phase, acquiring essential assets, and orchestrating the setup within the Unity game engine.

Event Pictures

Demo’s day in the University

Witches witch

     My team, consisting of Samak Jt Aya as the ‘Game Audio & Video Editor,’ Thananya Uengsitthipoonpon as the ‘UI/UX Designer,’ and myself overseeing the code, collaborated on this project. It’s a part of the course ‘Game and Augmented Reality Technology Development of Mobile Devices,’ where each student must present their own game before the final exam.

     In this project, my responsibilities included designing obstacles to ensure game balance for two players and rectifying any bugs within the game.

Way Back home

    My team, comprising Samak Jt Aya handling ‘2D Sprite Sheets,’ Thananya Uengsitthipoonpon managing ‘Sound Audio,’ and myself responsible for ‘Game Programming’ and ‘UI/UX Design,’ is engaged in the ‘2D Game Development’ course project.

BoBo story

This project involves working on an application built using the Unity game engine. Sutida Numpeung handled all the artwork and design, and I assisted in completing her significant project before her graduation. My involvement not only brought me happiness in helping a friend but also enhanced my coding skills in C#.

The project revolves around Augmented Reality (AR), utilizing camera detection on markers set within the Vuforia engine.